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A great deal has changed since Absolute Graphics first took the plunge into this crazy, amazing, dizzying world called the internet in 1996. Prehistoric HTML, awkward table-based layouts, and excruciatingly slow dial-up connections were the blazing-edge of technology.

javaScriptToday’s technologies are far more sophisticated and complex, providing greater capability, functionality, and opportunity for marketing your business; and the rate of change is accelerating. But if your business does’t have a strong web presence, or your website is based on dated web standards, you run the very real risk of being left behind. For example, in the 1st Quarter of 2013 it’s estimated that nearly 40% of all web traffic in the U.S. was done on smartphones and tablets; this trend is also accelerating. Many websites haven’t incorporated the new standards and as a result can degrade into a rather unflattering, frustrating mess when viewed on these smaller devices. These compact screen sizes are the new reality and must be fully embraced in your web development to remain competitive.

Let's talk!So here’s my offer. At the very least, let’s sit down and discuss your current web program. What’s working and what is not. We can perform a thorough website audit focusing in on content, design layout, web standards compliance, cross-browser compatibility, cross-device compatibility (smartphones, tablets, laptop, netbooks, desktop), website structure for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, web analytics, and a great deal more.  We can go as deep or as shallow as you’d like. If, at the end of our conversation, you would like pursue these topics further and forge a more formal relationship that would be great. If not, that’s fine, too. Yes - it’s that simple.